A gloomy, bleak morning sky
disturbed by boiling, pungent air,
drifts around inanimate glass slabs
and towers over a bustling swarm.



I look in your eyes
I see an eternal darkness
a pitch black, enveloped by a void
unknown to all.

I hold your hands
I feel a burning chill
cold flesh; wrapped in rags
stagnant with decay.

I caress your body
so lifeless. There is nothing.
a hollow husk; laid threadbare
gilded with fading light.

A warmth long gone.


I sweep myself across a barren, vast ocean floor.
I sweep myself above cold, watery grass.
I sweep myself through charred, scorched fields.
Waiting without end.

Truth is – regeneration never comes.
I must sweep on
until Death itself awaits me –
moaning at my doorstep.

Time will come to pass
and Legend will forever remember
one who swept –
while he silently wept.


It’s hard not to despair,
when all starts to tear.

I really used to care.
Now I’m just running bare.

My love. why are you nowhere?
Save me from this nightmare.

All is beyond repair.
‘Cause Love’s been cooked rare.